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We're about family.

We were meant for togetherness. Family-like community is God’s preferred method for His work, and we are called to join in community to empower people and advance the Love of God.

At Treehouse, we come together in unity from diverse contexts, to pursue the shared vision of seeing people enter into loving relationship with God and others.

We connect

organizations and people.

Treehouse is a ministry base where local leaders, organizations, and groups of people partner together to connect and resource our region. 


We empower those in need.

Treehouse Versailles, an outreach to at-risk children and youth, provides a space where people can encounter security, opportunity, and unconditional love. 


We pursue the loving Presence of God.

We create spaces where people can encounter the Living God and are changed. Through our partnerships with groups like Brothers X Sisters, we are investing in a New Great Awakening. 

One can chase a thousand,

but two can put ten thousand to flight.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We're a grassroots movement and ministry base whose mission is to reach, connect, and empower people to fulfill the Great Commission.

Our Story

We trace our beginning to a small community in Central Kentucky — where youth and children in need taught us the transformative value

of family-like community.

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