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A space of safety, opportunity, & unconditional Love. 

Treehouse Versailles serves families of Central Kentucky through alleviating effects of poverty and complicated immigration situations. We also host an after-school program for children and youth, providing tutoring, meals, and unconditional love and support. 

Our missional effort seeks to extend an environment of safety, opportunity, and kindness through community engagement and relationship building. Simply put: we love people through action, right where they are. 

We also connect children and families to resources that empower them. We have engaged many families with support related to DACA, DAPA, GED programs, college applications, and countless other programs and services. 

5 Areas of Advocacy

Our work at the Treehouse Versailles Community Center


We advocate for children affected by complicated immigration situations.



Our community center helps alleviate food insecurity through hot meals and food delivery.



We support learning and provide homework and reading help.



We provide benevolence and connect children and families in need with important resources.



We invest in spiritual, emotional, and relational development through Christ-centered community.


Support Treehouse Versailles

We can only do this important work with the help of generous partners like you. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.




This monthly donation pays for one child to attend Treehouse Versailles for 1 month. 


This monthly donation goes toward meeting case-specific needs and incidentals that are not covered by other funds. 




This amount will provide food for the program for 1 month (after-school snack and dinner two times a week). 




This amount will cover the cost of rent and utilities for the program for 1 month. 


Our Story

THV Tree.png

We trace our beginning to 2014 in a small community in Central Kentucky — where a group of youth gathered, hungry for community and unconditional love. Among the group were immigrants, teenage parents, teens experiencing homelessness, and families who resided in a nearby subsidized housing community. 
It was in this context that the Love of God moved among us, and out of this movement was birthed a thriving, incarnational, holistic ministry for disadvantaged children and youth in Versailles.

Our relationship with the youth and children continued to grow and in 2017 we established the Treehouse Versailles Community Center. Many of the children in our network experience daily the effects of poverty, complicated familial dynamics, deportations of parental figures, drug abuse, physical violence, neglect, and even homelessness.

Treehouse Versailles is a missional response that consists of an after-school program and various life-support services with a mission to provide a space of safety, opportunity, and unconditional Love. At our after school program, we engage with the youth through homework help, feeding them a meal, games and activities, field trips, and spiritual and relational investment. We are committed to living life-on-life with these children and their families, centering in the belief that healthy relationships are among the most important resources one can have. 

We have seen God work mightily over the years, breaking cycles of poverty and shame, and extending love and light into dark places. We partner with him, seeing our work as primarily one of advocacy and empowerment. 

We focus on 5 main areas: 

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5 Areas of Advocacy:






Immigration: We advocate for children affected by complicated immigration situations. Many of the families connected to our community center experience daily the effects of the brokenness of our immigration system. We advocate for the family structure with compassion through connections with relevant resources while guiding people in their pursuit of right standing legally, morally, and ethically. 

Nutrition: We serve over 100 meals a month. At Treehouse Versailles, we serve after-school snacks and an evening meal twice a week. Many of our kids experience nutrition defecit. In some cases, dinner at the community center is the last meal they’ll receive until lunch at school the next day.  

Education: We support learning and provide homework help. During our after-school program, we offer tutoring and homework help. Students who attend our program have improved grades and overall performance at school, and they are more likely to graudate high school and attend college or trade school.

Relief and empowerment: We connect children and families in need with resources. We are a bridge over the gap between families in need and the resources availabe to them. We connect people to food pantries, clothing drives, churches, public resources (such as SNAP, Medicaid, WIC, Section 8), and mental and emotional healthcare. 

Formation: We invest in spiritual, emotional, and relational development. Through spiritual formation at the center, sharing everyday life with one another, and life groups, the youth and children receive comprehensive care and invitation into relationship with Christ and His people. All of our efforts are centered around the idea that all people are wanted, loved, and appreciated.

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