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Permission to be Creative

By Ariane Arquisola, Brothers X Sisters

There is freedom in who you are and how you are designed.

I believe that creativity is grounding. It’s easy to believe the lie that we are not creative enough or that we are not grounded enough. In Genesis, we read about God speaking things into existence, and as a foundation was set, I recognize a God who had creativity in mind.

We see that a sun doesn’t only bring light, but also fills the skies with a gradient of color. We enjoy different foods that are needed to sustain us, but come with an array of colors, flavors and styles. We put on the same articles of clothing, but experience styles that are unique to the individual.

When God decided to share a life with you and me, He had all these things in mind. He knew what it would take to sustain you. He also wanted to creatively go the extra mile to extravagantly entertain you, love you, and experience the freedom of expression and creation in the way that He does.

God marries the ideas of being fully grounded and fully creative, and because of that, you and I get to be fully understood by Him, regardless of where you fall on the spectrum. There is freedom in who you are and how you are designed. I pray today that you will break any lies of inadequacy, insufficiency and comparison in Jesus name. Live in the freedom that the Lord sings over you.

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